EOR Projects/ Publications

SPE 36748 Pilot Tests of Alkaline /Surfactant/Polymer Flooding in Daqing Oil Field
SPE 165285 The Use of Modeling and Monitoring to Control Scale in Alberta ASP Floods
SPE 165264 Case Study of the Mannville B ASP Flood
SPE 100004 Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flood of the Tanner Field
SPE 80237 New Surfactant for Chemical Flood in High-Salinity Reservoir
SPE 84075 Detection and Reuse of the Produced Chemicals in Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Floods
SPE 99581 Improved ASP Process Using Organic Alkali
SPE 143155 Alternatives to Minimize Scale Precipitation in Carbonate Cores Caused by Alkalis in ASP Flooding in High Salinity/High Temperature Applications
SPE 100943 Laboratory Aspect of Chemical EOR Processes Evaluation for Malaysian Oilfields
SPE 69544 ASP System Design for an Offshore Application in the La Salina Field, Lake Maracaibo
SPE 131368 Improved Heavy Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection Augmented with Chemicals
SPE 141205 Effect of Surfactants on Water Imbibition into Heterogeneous Carbonate Rocks at an Elevated Temperature
SPE 165396 Optimized Sufactant-polymer-flooding in Western Canadian Heavy Oils
SPE 80237 New Surfactants for Chemical Floods in High Salinity Reservoirs
SPE 173328 In-situ Formation of Proppants and Highly Permeable Blocks for Hydraulic Fracturing
SPE 16285 Designing and Selecting Demulsifiers for Optimum Performance Based on Production Fluid Characteristics
SPE 129550 Non-estrogenic Alkylphenol Derivatives for EOR
SPE 106005 Application of Viscoelastic Surfactants as Mobility Control Agents in Low Tension Surfactant Floods
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents Vol 9 QTR 3, 2006 Novel Surfactants for Ultralow Interfacial Tension in a Wide Range of Surfactant Concentration and Temperature
2007 Annual Report Innovative Energy Technologies Program Application 01-123 Taber S Mannville B Alkaline-Surfactant- Polymer Flood Warner ASP Flood 2007 Annual Report
DOE Report DOE/PC/91008-0328 Planning and Implementation of an Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP)
DOE Report DOE/PC/91008-0328 Planning and Implementation of an Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP)
DOE/SW/45030-1 Evaluation of the Sho-Vel-Tum Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Oil Recovery Project - Stephens County. OK
Canadian Paper 2007-012 Canadian International Petroleum Conference Paper 2007-012 Effect of Oil/Brine Ratio on Interfacial Tension in Surfactant Flooding
CESIO 2000 Chemistry of olefin acids. 1. Alkylation of aromatics- sulfonic acid
Energy & Fuels article 5/25/2010 Laboratory study of alkyl ether sulfonates for improved oil recovery in high-salinity carbonate reservoirs: A case study
Canadian International Petroleum Conference Canadian International Petroleum Conference Paper 2005-022 The Role of Effective Interfacial Tension in Alkaline/Surfactant/Polymer Flooding
Canadian Digest Canadian Digest 2013 No 1 Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flooding in Alberta
Alberta Energy Preliminary Review Alberta Energy Preliminary Review of IETP Projects Using Polymers 2011
EOR Work shop in Daqing, China Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flood Performance of Current Projects in the United States, M. Pitts Chemical Flooding Advanced Technology Workshop, Daqing China
JPT Rethinking Proppant: from liquid to solid, JPT April, 2015
2015 DOI:0.11949/j.issn.0438-1157.20151773. Effects of carbon chain length on dynamic interfacial tension between alkane and aryl alkyl surfactant aqueous solutions
2015 DOI:10.16085/j.issn.1000-6613.2015.06.038 Synthesis and property evaluation of a new kind of alkyl sulfonate
YuanRui Master's Thesis Jiangnan University Study on Synthesis and Property of Arylalkyl Sulfonate Gemini Surfactant
J Surfact Deterg (2010) 13:149–153c2009 Synthesis, Characterization and Surface Activity of Hexadecyl o-Xylene Sulfonate Isomers
J Surfact Deterg (2016) 19:567–572 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aryl Alkyl Sulfonates Based on Nonylphenol
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, Vol. 5, No. 1 (January 2002) New Anionic Alkylaryl Surfactants Based on Olefin Sulfonic Acids
JOURNAL OF SURFACTANTS AND DETERGENTS, VOL. 9, QTR. 3, 2006 JOURNAL OF SURFACTANTS AND DETERGENTS, VOL. 9, QTR. 3, 2006 on Surface Properties of Arylalkyl Surfactant Solutions
Tenside Surf & Det. 43 (2006) 3 Synthesis of a New Family of Dialkylaryl Sulfonate Gemini Anionic Surfactants2006
Tenside Surf & Det. 41 (2004) 5 Dynamic Interfacial Behavior of Decyl Methylnaphthalene Sulfonate Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Tenside Surf & Det. 41 (2004) 2 Study on the Synthesis and Properties of Novel Alkyl Methylnaphthalene Sulfonate Surfactants
Tenside Surf & Det. 41 (2004) 1 Synthesis of Novel ArylAlkyl Sulfonate Surfactants
Soaps, Detergents, Oleochemicals and Personal Care Products- Chapter 15 New Anionic Surfactants Derived From Olefin Sulfonic Acids
Chemical Engineering October 2000 p 51 Scoring with Surfactants
Progress in Mining and Oilfield Chemistry Vol.4 New Surfactants For Improved Oil Recovery