Green Alkali For ASP Process

GA-100TM and GA-200TM are organic-based alternatives to inorganic alkali such as sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate with the following advantages:

  • The Organic Alkali can be used to impart alkalinity to the water containing divalent cations without water treatment
  • Prevents or improves the scale or corrosion issues that are caused by using alkali
  • Chelates the divalent cations and improves the effectiveness of surfactant in hard water
  • Reduces the cost of EOR projects by voiding the water treatment process
  • Improves the oil recovery efficiency
  • Improves the economics of the oil recovery project
alkali green alkali
ph alkaline

Typical Properties

Chemical Description Proprietary Blends
Form Liquid
Active, % 40-50
Viscosity @ 25 degrees C, cps. < 50
Pour Point, degrees C < 5
pH, 5% aqueous 8.0 - 11.0
Density, lb/gal 11.3
Flash point, PMCC, degrees F > 200

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