Heavy Oil Recovery

Heavy oil can be recovered economically and effectively without the costly steam, SAGD or solvent process.

Oil Chem's SuperFlow  (SF series)  surfactants are custom formulated based on the reservoir characteristics, oil properties, temperature and injection water properties.

By adding ultra-low concentration of the SF product in the injection water, the oil viscosity can be significantly reduced.  The ratio of injection water containing surfactant to heavy oil can be as low as 5:95 to 20:80. The viscosity of the bitumen remains low even as the temperature is reduced.  This further resolves  the surface transport issues of the heavy oil.


heavy oil recovery

Viscosity Reduction of Bitumen oil at Various SF-1416 Conc. @ 60 °C

heavy oil recovery

SF Series products can also be applied at ambient temperature to reduce the viscosity of the heavy oil as shown in the Figure below.


The SF series surfactant can be added in the injection brine, & moderate heat can be used to assist the recovery of the heavy oil.

Other mechanical means, such as Pulse Injection, ultrasonic, etc. can also be used along with the SF series surfactants to recover the heavy oil economically.

SF series surfactants can also be used in the pipeline flow to reduce the viscosity of the heavy oil and increase the oil transporting efficiency.

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