Damage Removal/Acid Stimulation

Oil Chem’s Damage Removal/Acid Enhancer is to be used with the acid to enhance the effectiveness of wellbore damage removal and increase the oil/gas production.

The wellbore Damage Removal / Acid Enhancer can help acid to penetrate through the contaminants and clean the affected area. Oil Chem's Damage Removal / Acid Enhancer can further alter the wettability of the formation, reduce the surface tension of the injected acid, and reduce the apparent viscosity of the heavier crude oil in order to enhance the oil production.

The figures below show the reaction of a piece of the oil-containing carbonate rock with 15 wt% HCl solution containing 0.1% SS-318 (R) compared to a solution of 15% wt% HCl without SS-318 (L) after 2, 15 minutes and 45 minutes.  As is evident from these pictures, the addition of the SS-318 has a dramatic effect on the rate of removal of the oil / contaminants from the rock.

Product Specifications

Appearance  …………………Clear to slight hazy light liquid

PH, 5% in 3:1 IPA: Water …  7.0 – 9.0

Specific Gravity, 25 °C ………1.02 typical

Suggested Usage:

1.0 gal – 2.0 gal/1000 gallon of the injection acid.

The compatibility of the SS-318 with other additives used in the acid job should be determined prior to the applications.

2 minutes

acid removal damage removal

15 minutes

acid removal damage removal

45 minutes

acid removal damage removal