Oil Chem Technologies provides complimentary preliminary lab surfactant screening services for potential EOR applications. Surfactant or process research and development is also available for special applications.

A sample of the optimized surfactant will be provided for further detailed evaluation, such as core floods, injection simulation, etc. either by an independent testing laboratory or the end user.

Samples required for the complimentary surfactant screening:

  • 1 pint un-contaminated crude oil
  • One gallon Injection water sample
  • 1 lb crushed formations cores or cuttings

Information for the complimentary preliminary surfactant optimization:

  • Bottom hole temperature
  • Type reservoir
  • Permeability
  • Porosity
  • Brief well treatment history
  • Current production oil cut
  • Process preferred – ASP, SP or surfactant only
  • Injection water analysis
  • Connate brine analysis

Please contact Oil Chem Technologies to discuss your applications